Wasim Akram’s advice to Arshdeep Singh

Arshdeep Singh

Arshdeep Singh grew up watching Wasim Akram. It was a dream come true moment for the youngster when he met the Pakistan legend during the Asia Cup.

Talking about Akram’s advice to the youngster, Arshdeep Singh’s coach Jaswant Rai said that Akram heaped praise on him.

Rai, speaking to journalist Vimal Kumar on his YouTube channel, as quoted by the Hindustan Times, opened up on an incident where Singh met his idol Akram and the Pakistan legend told him not to come to him for advice if he thought that he was perfect.

“Arshdeep told me that he met Akram bhai who told him, ‘Sardarji, you are bowling very well. You are a good bowler. If you think you are perfect, then don’t come to me. If you feel you want to ask me anything or want to learn something from me then you can come whenever you want’. He then told me that when he went to the hotel at night, he kept thinking about that question. He felt that if he didn’t go then Akram would mind and think that Sardarji seems to know everything. So next day he went to Akram and had a discussion,” said Jaswant.

He is the future of Indian cricket: Akram on Arshdeep

Akram has been singing praises for the youngster of late. Even during the Asia Cup, Akram said that Arshdeep Singh has got talent.

“I will go for Arshdeep Singh as well. The young boy has got talent. The way he bowled the last over against Pakistan under pressure. He dropped a catch. We all drop catches under pressure in knockout games. It’s not the end of the world,” Akram told Star Sports, adding that the online trolling of the young pacer needed to stop”, he added.

He also said that Arshdeep Singh is the future of Indian cricket.

“I have been seeing social media and I have felt quite sad for this youngster. We must come out and support him. He is the future of Indian cricket, in my book,” he added.