BigWinner Privacy Policy Statement

The website (“site”, “website”) is governed by WhiteZip Media (“we”, “us”, “our”). The Privacy Policy has been created to notify the user browsing the website (“you”, “your”) regarding the data collected by BigWinner. We collect your data for the following reasons:

1. To make the website better suited for your usage by understanding how you use our site.

2. To help moderate the site since we don’t want to be filled with spam.

3. To help you have a better experience on our website.

While WhiteZip Media does not use your information for targeted advertisements, our advertisement partners may use your information stored on our site to show advertisements based on the information.

We are dedicated to handling your data securely with appropriate safety measures. We use the latest web security measures to keep your information safe with us. We also strictly follow the government laws and guidelines regarding data protection.

For further queries or doubts regarding our Privacy Policy, please send us an email at

What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a document that enlists all policies a site has created concerning the recording, disclosures, and usage of personal information of the users browsing the website. BigWinner owns the right to alter its Privacy Policy as and when required.

We strongly recommend you read our Privacy Policy document to understand our policies better. We have listed the topics below for your assistance.

Data Collection

Data collection involves a website collecting data provided by a user while creating a new account. When you register on BigWinner, you need to share your personal information to access our services. This personal information includes your Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email, Password, etc. We may share your personal information with third-party websites to scan it against a record of spammers. You can opt to share your information with us, but it will limit your access to our site.

Data Provided by You

1. Data you enter when you access our site: When you access our platform, you share information like attachments, forum contents, and your data as mentioned in the “Data Collection” section. The information you share except your personal information is shown online. Since this information is visible publicly, we have no control over third parties using the content. You need to remember that any content you submit to the forum will remain uploaded permanently.

2. Data we receive when you use a third-party service to log in: Your name and email address are shared with us when you log in to our site using third-party sites.

Data Collected Automatically

1. We automatically gather and record a few types of data using our tools and technology when you visit and use our website. The data automatically recorded is your IP address, unique device identifiers, the browser you are using, the make and model of the system being used to visit the website, search terms, and webpages visited.

2. We also collect data about your access and use of our site with the help of tracking tools like cookies and pixel tags.

– Cookies are small chunks of information placed in a user’s device by any application, site, or advertisement they view or visit. Cookies are a reliable way of recording your browsing activity and allow websites to remember your information.

– Pixel tags (also known as pixels, web beacons, and clear GIFs) are small codes that help sites read and place cookies. The combination of cookies and pixel tags enables a website to access and store users’ data like IP address, browser type, etc.

3. We employ tools like Google Analytics to evaluate how our services are being used. We do this to create an enhanced user experience. This data is stored following Google’s Privacy Policy. You can leave Google Analytics Tracking by installing an opt-out browser add-on.

Uses of Collected Data

WhiteZip Media collects and uses various types of data (as mentioned in the previous sections) to improve the functionalities and administration of the site so that you can have a user-friendly experience while accessing our website. Following are the uses of our collected data:

1. To enhance the website performance and services provided

2. To let you use all the features and services provided by us

3. To inform you regarding changes made to the website including our policies

WhiteZip Media also holds the right to share your data with any service providers, associated partners, or third parties without receiving prior expressed permission from you under the following conditions:

1. If the court, law request the data or other governmental authorities to aid an investigation of a cybercrime

2. We may have third-party ad company partners who collect your data when accessing our site. These third-party companies may use your data to show ads based on your activities on our site.

Hyperlinks to Other Websites

BigWinner includes hyperlinks to third-party websites. Upon clicking such links, you will be redirected to third-party sites not governed by us. We strongly recommend you go through the Privacy Policy of the third-party websites you browse from our site since we have no rights to these sites’ data collection and privacy practices. To sum up, our privacy policy is not applicable on other websites linked to ours.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

We want to ensure that, as a user, you are aware of your rights to data protection. Following are the factors all users are entitled to:

1. You are entitled to access your data, and you may request copies of the information that we are bound to send. A minimal charge may apply for the service.

2. You have the right to ask us to rectify any information you find incorrectly showing in our database. The same applies to incomplete information.

3. You are entitled to request the erasure of your information from our database under a few conditions.

4. You have the authority to request restricted processing of your information under a few conditions.

5. You have the authority to object to the processing of your data by us under a few conditions.

6. You have the authority to request the transfer of information we collect to you or another party under certain conditions.

Once you raise a request, we will follow up with you within one month. Please contact us if you wish to raise a request.


If you choose to proceed with our website, we accept your consent to our privacy policy.