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Owned and run by WhiteZip Media, the Terms of Use of BigWinner explains the products and services offered by us, your use of our platform, and your rights as a player. Using our website, you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned below.

Note that the “terms of use” page is a formal document between WhiteZip and the user. “You” and “your” are the terms that refer to the person using this website, while “we”, “us”, and “our” are used for BigWinner. Before using our website, go over the terms and conditions and make sure you agree to each term before registering an account with us.

We have the right to suspend, terminate, or take legal actions on your account if you violate any of the terms. Read these terms carefully and reach out to us if you have any further queries.

By accessing our website, you agree to the following:

  1. The information on this website is for general use, and we can change or update it whenever we want, without giving a notice in advance.
  2. We do not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, and suitability of the data presented on this website.
  3. The multimedia content used on the website that is not the owner’s property or not licensed to us is acknowledged and given credits.
  4. We have used third-party links that redirect our users to other fantasy operators. We don’t take any responsibility for the actions of third-party websites. You are solely responsible for visiting a third-party website. If you incur any loss from visiting our website or a third-party website, you will be responsible for the damage that occurs to your property. We should, in no way, be held liable for any malpractice or misuse of the information you experience by visiting a third-party website from our link.

License and Copyright

You will own all the copyrights of the work you submit to us, but by uploading content on our website, you also give BigWinner the rights to redistribute and reproduce the content however we want.

We reserve the right to terminate your account if we find you are misusing the copyright. You agree that you give us the royalty-free and irreversible copyright for the content you upload on our website, whether on public forums or other pages. We can distribute or display the content to whoever we like with or without requesting your consent.

Public Forum

We have a public forum for people to share the news, comments, ideas, photos, videos, and other forms of content with other users. However, you must accept certain terms & conditions before using this part of our website.

You take full responsibility for the type of content you post on the public forums. By publishing content on the platform, you agree that any user can view the content you upload. By accessing our website, you agree that you will not post any vulgar, inappropriate, harmful, hateful, legally unacceptable, and other forms of defamatory content that could hurt someone’s sentiments. We do not allow harassing, defamatory content, fraudulent practices, or any behaviour that violates our policy.

We have the right to remove content that goes against our terms of service. By accessing our website, you accept that we may or may not give you prior notice when removing certain types of content from our website. If we have a reason and proof to believe someone’s copyright has been infringed, we will take action with or without notice.

The content you post on our public forums and other web pages will be subject to suitable laws or further investigation under those laws.

We do not take any responsibility for the type of content you come across on our website. You also agree that we should not be blamed or held liable for the user-generated content posted on our website, and we hold the right to change this content with or without your consent.


If you believe a user has violated your or other users’ copyright on our website, you can connect with us over email. We also request that you check the fairness of the content before sending us an email. Here’s what you are supposed to include in the takedown notice:

  • Identifying the infringing martial with an appropriate URL of its location
  • Identifying the copyrighted content with the link to the page where we can confirm the authenticity of the content
  • A statement confirming that you have a strong reason to believe that your content or other users’ content on our website has been infringed. You could also take action on someone else’s behalf.
  • Your electronic sign

Please reach out to us via email for more information about the terms and conditions of using our website.