IPL 2021 Points Table, Team Standings & Rankings

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Indian Premier League 2021 will be the 14th edition of one of the most famous cricket tournaments in India. Eight teams will be playing against each other to win the IPL trophy. Different players from all over the world make up these eight teams. For a team to land a chance at winning the trophy, they need to have a spot in the top four of the IPL points table 2021. The tournament will be held in a round-robin format where each team will face all the other contestants in a total of 56 matches. These matches will then determine the points table of IPL 2021.

Points Table IPL 2021 Rules

Each team is rewarded points for winning in a match. These points are calculated in the end and determine which four teams will go-ahead to the Playoffs. The playoffs are then followed by the finals which will be played between the top two teams in the IPL points table 2021.

The rules for earning points at the IPL 2021 points table are as follows:

  1. The winner gets 2 points per match.
  2. The loser will get 0 points per match.
  3. In case of a tie, 1 point is given to each team. 

What if more than one team ends up having the same rank in the IPL 2021 points table?

In this case Net Run Rate is calculated. The Net Run Rate is the average runs a team scores per over throughout the whole tournament, minus the average runs that are scored against them per over throughout the whole tournament.

The formula that will be used for calculating in the points table IPL 2021 is- “The number of runs scored by the team” to “The number of overs faced” to “The number of runs conceded by the team” to “The number of overs bowled in the same tournament”.

The IPL points table 2021 schedule is announced with the announcement of the match dates of the tournaments. Each team and its scores are updated as per the IPL Points table 2021 schedule

IPL Standing Trivia

  1. Chennai Super Kings is the only team that holds the record for qualifying for the playoffs every season except for the two years they were banned. Will they be able to score high in the points table of IPL 2021?
  2. The lowest a team had to ever score to reach the Playoffs in the history of IPL has been 12 points.
  3. Delhi Capitals formerly known as Delhi Dare Devils and Deccan Chargers are the only two teams that have ended up with just 4 points in an IPL season meaning with just two wins. This is the lowest for any team.
  4. Delhi Capitals and Deccan Chargers have also been the two teams who have never taken the top spot at any IPL points table.