I know where my game stands: Virat Kohli about his form

Virat Kohli’s batting form has been under the scanner for a while now. The former Indian captain is yet to score an international century in almost three years now.

However, he is not thinking about any changes to his batting technique and is sure that the lack of runs is not due to his technique. He is confident of getting runs on board soon.

Speaking to Star Sports, Kohli said: “What happened in England was a pattern, so something that I could work on and something that I had to kind of overcome. Right now, as you rightly mentioned, there is nothing that you can point out saying that the problem is happening here. So, that for me, is actually an easier thing to process because I know that I’m batting well and at times, when I start feeling that rhythm back, then I know that I’m batting well. So, that for me is not an issue, which wasn’t the case in England; I didn’t feel like I was batting well at all. So, I had to work hard on one thing that could be exposed again and again which I overcame; right now this is not the case”.

“I know where my game stands”

Kohli also spoke about the criticism he has been facing. He said that he knows where his game stands and one cannot play many international matches if they don’t have the ability to counter situations and criticisms.

“I know where my game stands and you cannot run this far in your international career without having the ability to counter situations and counter conditions and counter different kinds of bowling,” he added.

Kohli also added that he is a human being and he certainly goes through ups and downs in his life. He is sure that he will be more confident when he comes out of this face.

“So, this for me, is an easier phase to process, but I don’t want to put this phase behind me. I want to learn from it and I want to understand what are the core values that I have, as a sportsperson and as a human being. As long as I’m ticking those boxes, I know there are ups and downs, and when I come out of this phase, I know how consistent I can be. My experiences are sacred to me. Whatever I have experienced in this phase or in the past, as well one thing that I can vouch for, is that I have never valued myself more as a person,” the 33-year-old added.